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Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance in San Francisco

Life insurance is the responsible way of insuring
your loved ones should catastrophe strike. The sooner you start to think about
life insurance the better. It is never too early to start being financially

importance of life insurance

What is life insurance?

Life insurance guarantees your dependents a
certain degree of financial security should the insured pass away unexpectedly
or prematurely as a result of an accident or terminal illness not including
suicide, war, riots, etc. The beneficiary, who may not be the owner or
guarantor of the insurance policy, receives either an annuity or lump sum
payment from the life insurance company in exchange for premiums paid
throughout the guarantor’s lifetime. Life insurance can be used to cover the
cost of funerals, hospitalization bills, and ongoing expenses such as loan
payments and university tuition.

How does life insurance work?

A life insurance policy is a contract established
between the insurer and policy owner on behalf of a beneficiary in exchange for
regular premium payments. The cost of mortality is calculated by actuaries 
based on family history, lifestyle choices, age, gender, medical history,
pre-existing health conditions, and other risk factors associated with one’s
profession. By accurately calculating the probability of death either during a
specified amount of time, term life insurance, or continually throughout the
insured’s life, whole life insurance, life insurance companies can cover their
costs. Then they take that money and invest it so that they can make a profit
for themselves in the meantime.

save moeny for your family with life insurance

Why is life insurance necessary?

Just as car insurance protects you in case of
damage to your car and commercial insurance protects your business in case of                                                                      unforeseen
business related losses, life insurance protects your family in case of                                                                    costs incurred as a
result of damage to your life, as it were. Life insurance is an essential
component of responsible financial planning because it safeguards your family
in the case that you are no longer able to provide for them. Especially if the
insured is the primary breadwinner, the loss of a regular salary could put
immense financial strain on remaining members of the family. Not only will life
insurance supply sufficient funds for them to cover day-to-day expenses, but it
will also allow them to pay for estate taxes and burial costs as well as
support themselves while they search for more reliable sources of income.
Certain life insurance policies also distribute payments in the case of extreme
or terminal illnesses to allow beneficiaries to better handle the enormous
medical costs that may be involved before a likely death.

Life Insurance in San Francisco

If you are intending to buy life insurance in San
Francisco, you should be aware of the specific life insurance regulations
pertaining to the state of California. As a resident of the Golden State, you
are protected by the California Department of Insurance. Consumers are heavily
protected both by the regulations set out by the California Insurance Code and
the sanctions established by the California Department of Insurance.

 California State Guarantee Association

The California Life & Health Insurance Guarantee Association will compensate 
you for up to $100,000 in payments and $250,000 for death benefits should your 
insurance company go out of business unexpectedly assuming you’ve fully paid all of your

Timely Claim Payments

Life insurance policies officiated in the state of California require companies by
law to 
issue payments within 30 days of receiving proof of passing. Otherwise, beneficiaries are 
entitled to collect interest and insurance companies are subject to penalties.

Grace Period

Licensed insurance agencies in San Francisco are forbidden from unreasonably 
cancelling any contracts. Policy owners have up to 30 days to submit a late payment before
they are subject to penalties.

Free Look Period

All consumers have a shopping period of ten days to cancel life insurance contracts 
without incurring any extra feesThis “free look” policy
allows shoppers to get a full refund if they are not satisfied.


How do life insurance policies in San Francisco compare to those in other cities?

The city by the bay may be the home of the
gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge, a hipster scene, and eclectic architecture, but
residing in San Francisco also means having one of the highest costs of living
in the entire nation. Getting reliable life insurance quotes in San Francisco
is even more important than it is elsewhere in the country simply because
consumers will have to do more extensive research to find affordable policies
to suit their budgets. That’s what we are here for! Fill out our contact form and                                                                 
we’ll get you the best quote for your needs.

How to Get Affordable Life Insurance Quotes (San Francisco)

In order to shave off costs on life insurance
quotes San Francisco, you’ll want us to search around online to easily compare one
company to another. There are also plenty of discounts to be found and we are
willing to dig for them. You may want to consider term life assurance San
Francisco rather than whole life assurance San Francisco because the temporary
policy only provides death benefits to beneficiaries in the case of your death.
Premiums for term life assurance San Francisco are far less expensive because
the money you pay for whole life assurance San Francisco accrue in a separate
account that can be used to pay premiums after you retire, assist you later in
life, or doled out as additional death payments.

An Overall View of Life Insurance in California

California is known for its high-tech industry,
beautiful beaches, and, of course, its high cost of living. Budgeting for life
insurance is not easy for most middle class families in California especially
since most individuals don’t even consider taking out plans until after they
marry. Since the average marriage age in California is 27, a large proportion
of the population ends up paying higher for life insurance than they otherwise
might because they push off purchasing a plan until their late 20’s. However,
since California residents face up to $7,000 in funeral costs and another
$7,000 in credit card debt as a result of mortgages, student loans, etc.,
families are better off planning earlier rather than later to stay on top of

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